Paleo Food List

Paleo Food ListPaleo Food List

So maybe you’re considering the idea of following a Paleo Diet.  Well, you definitely need a Paleo Food List that you can reference on a regular basis to construct quick and easy meals.  The following Paleo Food List are the heavy hitters of the Paleo Diet.  If you stick to foods that are in these groups you’ll feel great and look great.

Remember that our Paleolithic ancestors ate mostly meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.  They experienced superior health and fitness that is not found even in today’s modern society.  They did have overall, lower stress lives due to not having a commute and working 60 hours a week at a desk job.  Our Paleo friends enjoyed fresh, clean air and the most organic food sources ever known to man.

Maybe we should take notes and follow a Paleo Diet and lifestyle.  Well with this Paleo Food List you can get on the right track.  You may still have a long commute and work a lot of hours, but at least your diet will be optimal.  A good nutrition plan can go a long way to fight stress and keep you healthy.  In fact, a healthy diet accounts for 90% of your success in meeting your fitness goals and body composition goals.

The Paleo Food List and Quick Reference Guide

Vegetables – Emphasize dark, leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce.  You can also consume things like bell peppers, cucumbers, celery, broccoli, avocado, cauliflower,  squash, onions and carrots.  There are so many kinds of vegetables that this list could go forever.  You want to look for organic vegetables and make sure to wash everything thoroughly.  You should strive to fill half your plate with plenty of vegetables if not 2/3’s of your plate.  Eat as much as you want of these vegetables.

Fruits – These power foods provide tons of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Again try to focus on getting organic fruits and washing them thoroughly.  Eat plenty of berries such as raspberries, strawberries and blueberries.  You can also add in the occasional banana, apple, orange, kiwi and pear.  Think variety and be creative.

Meat – Here your looking at beef, elk, bison and pork.  Look again for organic sources.  You want meat that isn’t loaded with hormones.  It should also be grass fed.  Again, be creative and mix a nice piece of steak with a large helping of vegetables.  You can not go wrong with that type of meal.  Plenty of fiber and vitamins from the veggies and lots of good omega-3’s and protein from the steak.

Fowl and Eggs – Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Doesn’t matter… we’ll eat both!  Look for free-range, hormone free chicken and eggs.  Eat plenty of eggs… whole eggs.  Don’t skimp out on the yolks.  The yolks of eggs are nutrient packed.  Recent research has proven that eating eggs does not increase your cholesterol.  Have four of these in the morning by making an omelet with plenty of veggies packed into it.

Fish – Eat plenty of wild salmon.  You can get this fresh, frozen (fresh), and even in a can.  You want WILD salmon.  Do not get farmed fish.  Farmed fish tends to have higher toxins in them that are harmful.  Wild fish is packed with healthy omega-3 fats that are good for your heart, hair, skin and nails.  If you don’t eat enough fish then I strongly suggest that you supplement with a high quality omega-3 supplement.

Nuts, nut butters, healthy fats and oils – Here you want to snack on things like almonds and walnuts.  Peanuts are not nuts and are not really rich in nutrients.  Stay away from peanuts and peanut butter.  Opt instead for healthy almond butter.  You should also use things like olive oil for salad dressing and use organic butter for cooking.  Fat is your friend when you’re eating a Paleo Diet.

Water – This isn’t really a food but it deserves to be mentioned.  Your body is 75% water.  Your muscles are mostly water.  You need to drink water not soda and punch.  It needs to be mentioned because people, in general, consume way too many calories from what they drink.  You should strive to not add any additional calories from what you drink on a regular basis.  Of course you may have an occasional adult beverage like a glass of wine or a beer.  But you shouldn’t be pounding Pepsi everyday at 10 AM for a quick pick me up.  I would rather you chug a glass of ice water or even have a green tea or cup of coffee.

Eat Foods from the Paleo Food List and Succeed!

Focus on eating these foods.  Do it for a week.  Then try to go for two weeks.  If you can eat these foods for 30 days and cut out all the sugar and processed foods you used to eat you will be on your way to achieving your goals.  You’ll also notice that counting calories or points will be a thing of the past.  You can eat almost as much as you want as long as you’re getting some exercise and not eating any sugary junk.

Stick with this Paleo Food List as your guide to meal construction for the next 30 days and you will be shocked at how much energy you have and how healthy and fit you’ll become.  You’ll be hooked on the Paleo Diet.


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