The Modern Hunter Gatherer Diet

Hunter Gatherer DietHunter Gatherer Diet… Dead or Alive?

I came across this video that shows what type of hunter gatherer we might find in our modern world.  It’s kind of humorous.  At the same time it raises the question… Is the Hunter Gatherer Diet dead or alive?

I think we still hunt and gather but not in the way our caveman relatives did.  Everyday they had to get up and look for plants, nuts and seeds to eat.  If they were lucky, or had particularly good tracking skills, they might have ran across a wild deer or bison to hunt for dinner.

The video also shows a Paleo Approved label… I don’t think this is real… at least I have never seen it on actual food.  Might be an interesting idea as more and more people choose eating a healthy hunter gatherer style diet.

Modern Hunter Gatherer Diet In Action

So is the hunter gatherer diet dead?  I don’t think so.  We need to be more cautious about what we’re putting into our hunting carts… excuse me… I mean shopping carts.  I find that I’m usually better off staying on the perimeter of the grocery store and not getting too far into the middle isles where some of the insulin spiking foods reside.

When you approach your grocery shopping maybe you should put yourself into a hunter gatherer state of mind.  Approach the store like it is a modern wilderness.  Just like in the real wilderness, there are certain things you can eat that are really healthy and nutritious.  There are also things that you shouldn’t ingest because they could kill you… in the real wilderness you could die quickly if you ingest these poisonous foods.

When we’re at that store doing our modern hunter gatherer diet preparation we should treat those foods filled with corn syrup, hydrogenated corn and soy oils and high fructose corn syrup and other chemicals as poisonous… BECAUSE THEY ARE.  You may not die quickly but you can rest assured that you’re slowly poisoning your body.

Obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and heart disease come from eating so many of these foods filled with sweeteners and other chemicals and preservatives.

Hunter Gatherer Diet + Low Stress Lifestyle = Optimum Health

Our ancestors who ate an old fashioned hunter gatherer diet were in better health than most of us today!  They ate organic meats and vegetables.  They would occasionally find a tasty piece of fruit as a sweet snack.  They didn’t sit around watching TV and typing on their Facebook pages.  They were active, well rested and eating a healthy hunter gather diet. No wonder they didn’t get cancer, diabetes or heart disease… these are modern illnesses that we have brought into our lives by poor nutritional choices and high stress lives.

We owe it to ourselves to pick from the vast assortment of foods on the paleo food list and to learn new and exciting ways to prepare those foods so we keep eating healthy foods and not give in to boredom.  Our lives depend on it.  The hunter gather diet is alive and well… we just need to practice it in a modern world.  The next time you step into the wilderness that is the grocery store… put on your hunter gatherer goggles and stay away from anything poisonous.

Photo: qmnonic

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