Caveman Diet

Caveman DietThe Caveman Diet is Your Key to Looking Great


What?  You say that you don’t think cavemen look good… well… if I was going to show up somewhere that required me to be shirtless, like the beach or a cruise… I would much rather look like a caveman than your normal 9 to 5 cubical dweller.  Our caveman ancestors were ripped.  They were in peak physical condition and they followed a caveman diet.  I’m going to outline how a caveman diet will get you ripped and less time than you can start a fire with two twigs.

Caveman Diet Creed… Repeat after me…

If it was made by a man and shoved into a can, box or bag and has even one ingredient I can’t pronounce I will not eat it.  Along those same terms…  If it wasn’t a frolicking wild animal that ran, flew or swam I will not eat it.  And, lastly, if it isn’t green and didn’t come from the soil I will not eat it.  Now that we have that out of the way we can continue.

The caveman diet is based on eating animals and plants.  If you were just to stick to those guidelines alone you would be doing better than 95% of the population when it comes to healthy eating.  But there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes of the caveman diet then you might realize.

The Caveman Ate Animals Not Wheat and Beans

For instance… you know that vegetables are packed with nutrients and vitamins.  Why wouldn’t you just go vegetarian?  Well, quite simply, just like our caveman ancestors you were meant to eat animals.  It’s biology really… see we need essential fatty acids and essential amino acids in our diet for normal metabolic and hormone function.  The best foods known to man to get the essential fatty acids and amino acids are animals.

You might also start to wonder why the caveman diet frowns upon eating cereal grains and legumes.  The problem with cereal grains are certain compounds that are contained with the starch such as gluten.  Gluten is not a carbohydrate but a protein found in grains such as wheat, barley and rye.  It’s widely known that many people are gluten intolerant.  Just removing gluten from your diet can help with digestive health and decrease abdominal bloat that comes with eating a diet that contains gluten.

Cereal grains (wheat, barley and rye) contain anti-nutrients.  One such anti-nutrient is phytic acid.  Caveman and us modern humans can’t digest phytic acid because we lack the appropriate digestive enzyme phytase.  Ingesting phytic acid can cause a lot of problems.  Everything from digestive problems to impairing your body’s ability to absorb minerals.

Cereal grains and legumes also contain lectin.  Lectins are actually proteins that some plants have developed to keep pests and insects away.  Lectins can cause major digestive problems and should not be consumed by humans.

On a caveman diet you would avoid cereal grains and beans and instead get your fiber from nutritious vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Another big question that you may have about the caveman diet is whether to eat dairy or not.  If you’re following a strict caveman diet you would probably keep dairy to a minimum.  If you have to have some dairy then stick with organic sources and stick with aged cheese and greek yogurt.  But do not rely on dairy for a big portion of your calories.

The Most Important Stuff to Eliminate When on the Caveman Diet

You must eliminate all processed junk foods.  I call them junk foods but you could easily find foods that are marketed as “healthy” that fit the category of junk foods.  Stick with foods on the Paleo Food List and you’ll be fine.  Anything that has a bunch of hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup and a bunch of wheat and flour-based starch as well as any artificial ingredients is junk food.  Plain and simple junk that should not be eaten.

If you stick to the principles of the caveman diet and eat foods on the Paleo Food list you will be giving your body all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and full of energy.



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