Must Watch Video: Benefits of a Hunter Gatherer Diet

Benefits of a Hunter Gatherer Diet with Dr. Terry Wahls

If you watched only one video this year to help you live a healthier lifestyle, I would recommend this one with Dr. Terry Wahls.  She shares her story of being a taekwondo champion one day, raising her two children and then being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  She discovered the hunter gatherer diet and beat her MS.

Worried that she would be attached to a wheel chair for the rest of her life, she began doing research about multiple sclerosis and the effects nutrition and diet have on the disease.  She realized that her brain and mitochondria needed massive amounts of certain nutrients to be healthy.  She reveals these nutrients in the video.

Dr. Wahls talks about the importance of foods and key nutrients in establishing the building blocks to healthy cells and brains.  Our modern diets of processed foods are robbing us of essential healthy compounds that ensure keep our cells healthy.

Her research lead her to the hunter gatherer diet.  This is also referred to as the paleo diet or caveman diet.  The foundation of this diet is colorful veggies, berries and other colorful fruits.  Dr. Wahls suggests eating at least three cups of the leafy green veggies.  The leafy green veggies are very important to optimal health.  Overall, the good doctor suggests eating 9 total cups of colorful veggies and fruits every day.

The video also shows the benefits of eating healthy, organic, grass-fed animal protein every day.  This type of protein is packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which over 90% of the population has a deficiency.  By building your diet around colorful veggies and fruits, and organic animal proteins you’ll also avoid the anti-nutrients in wheat such as gluten that so many people have an intolerance.

Following a hunter gatherer diet will help you avoid degenerative diseases like MS and cancer.

It will also help you cleanse your body of the years of unhealthy eating.  Dr. Wahls put it best in the video when she said, “You can pay the price now by buying healthier foods that are more expensive, or you can pay the price later with poor health and increased medical bills…”.

You do have a choice.  Following a hunter gatherer diet is not a fad diet or a crash diet.  It is a lifestyle change.  Once you experience the health benefits, the increase energy and the increased vitality of the hunter gatherer diet, you will never be able to go  back to the way you ate before.

Please watch this video and get serious about your health and your life.


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