Paleo Diet Meal Plan

The Paleo Diet Meal Plan


Welcome to the Paleo Diet Meal Plan site.  I started eating a Paleo diet about two years ago.  It’s been a great journey of discovery about healthy eating and my own body’s reaction to certain foods.  If you’re looking for a resource to build your own Paleo Diet Meal Plan or you’re just trying to piece together some information about healthy eating, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Perks of Following a Paleo Diet Meal Plan

One of the reasons I’m so attracted to the Paleo lifestyle is the community.  There are so many great people that are providing education about the Paleo diet and lifestyle to help others determine what is right for them.  The main reason I enjoy living on a Paleo Diet Meal Plan is how great I feel every day.  I attribute that to not only eating better and more natural foods but also being aware of slowing the pace of my life down.  Making sure I take time to be out in nature and to breathe deep full breaths when I’m outside in fresh air.

The Paleo lifestyle has a few different names so don’t be confused if you see phrases like Caveman Diet, Paleolithic Diet, Hunter Gatherer Diet, Primal Diet or the likes.  The principles are the same but the name may change depending on the group you’re hanging out with.

I wish you the best with determining whether the Paleo Diet is right for you and I will do my best to provide you the resources you need to build a Paleo Diet Meal Plan to meet all your lifestyle goals.

Enjoy the Journey!

The Happy Caveman

photo by Lord Jim